Saturday, April 26, 2008

Charni Road

View:- Panchratna building/ Girgaum Chowpatti/Tarapore Aquariuim building

Charni Road is a third down railway station from Churchgate on Western Railway Line of Mumbai Suburban Railways. The word grazing is called charni in Hindi language and charne in Marathi(local) language. Therefore, it is confusing whether the name of the Station Churni Road derived from Hindi or Marathi language. However, it is undisputed that in the old days, the Churni Road was a grazing land for the cattles and the horses and hence, the station was named "Churni Road Station." On the west side, very closer to the station is famous Girgaum beach which is famous as Girgaum Chowpati. On the west side of the station is Tarapore Aquarium where varieties of fishes can be seen. On the east side of the station is Panchratna building having offices of the major diamond industries in Mumbai.

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