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Mahim Junction

View:-Mahim Railway Station,Nature Park and Sun-set over Mahim creek

Mahim is 11th down railway station from Churchgate on Western Railway Line of Mumbai Suburban Railways. Mahim was one of the seven islands that originally made up Mumbai. Mahim, or Mahikawati as it was known, was the capital of Raja Bhimdev, who reigned over the region in the 13th century. He built a palace and a court of justice Prabhadevi as well as the first Babulnath Temple.
The original Mahim town is located near Palghar about 60 miles north of Bombay. The ancient temple of Mahim or Mahikawati still exists here. The epic Ramayana mentions this temple when Ram and Laxman were captured by Ahiravan and Mahiravan and imprisoned in this temple. They were rescued by Hanuman from here. As it is known to the people who live in this beautiful village of Mahim; that after Raja Bhimdev lost his capital, i.e. Mahim, to another king, he established his new capital in the present Bombay region giving it the same name Mahim, which people now know. This fact is not known to most people.
In 1343, this island was possessed by the Mohammedans of Gujarat. It was in their reign that the old Mahim mosque was built. A dargah of Makhtum Fakir Ali Paru was built here in 1431.
In 1543, the Portuguese captured the islands of Mumbai. In 1662, these islands were given to the English King, Charles the II, as a part of the wedding dowry for the Portuguese princess, Catherine of Braganza. After British acquired Mumbai, they built the Mahim Fort here in order to protect themselves from the Portuguese. The fort today stands in ruins.
The Causeway connecting Mahim and Bandra (corrupted from "Bunder" meaning port) was completed in 1845 at a total cost of Rs. 1,57,000 donated entirely by Lady Avabai Jamsetjee Jeejeebhoy, wife of the first baronet Sir Jamsetjee Jeejebhoy with a stipulation that no toll would be charged to citizens for its use by the government.
In 1847, a small group of Scottish missionaries decided to start a new school, now one of the most high profile schools in Mumbai – the Bombay Scottish High School.
Mahim is surrounded by Bandra in the North, Arabian Sea in the West.
The Mahim fort which was once visible from the Mahim Causeway and Bandra Reclamation, is barely visible now. The Mahim Fort along with Fort St George in South Mumbai was an important base during the time of the British Empire. Other forts in Mumbai and Salsette Island include Sion, Worli, Sewri and Mazagaon. The fort St George was built in 1669, by the former Governor of Bombay, Gerald Aungier.
Thomas Grantham then strengthened the fort's ramparts in 1684. In the year 1772, 111 years after Bombay was taken from them, the Portuguese attempted to attack this fort. The British replied fiercely with canon balls. In fact, the Bandra church also bore the brunt of their fire. There were about 100 soldiers and 30 cannons in the Mahim Fort at that time.
Today the fort is almost ruined and encroachers and hutments occupy it.

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